Apply to be a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at UC Berkeley

Master's degree applicants must first apply to an eligible master's degree program before they can be nominated for the Mastercard Foundations Scholars Program. If a graduate program has multilple admission rounds with staggered deadlines, only those who submit applications in the first round can be considered for the Scholars Program.

Each graduate degree program has specific requirements and deadlines. Applicants should carefully review these. The Graduate Division also provides detailed information on the admissions process. Direct questions regarding admission requirements should be made to the specific graduate program. We outline more details of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program application process for master's program here. We will recruit Mastercard Foundation Scholars through the fall of 2028.

While the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley is not open to undergraduates, students at this level are welcome to apply to the University of California, Berkeley. More information on the undergraduate process is available on the Undergraduate Admissions site. Other Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program partners are recruiting undergraduates.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley