Scam Alert: Fraudulent Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Application

This is the official site of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley.
Be aware that there may be other sites making false claims to provide these scholarships through UC Berkeley.

Updated 15 September 2020

We are aware of a fraudulent notice concerning Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at the University of California, Berkeley. The perpetrators are circulating the notice via email, WhatsApp and possibly other channels. It falsely states that one can apply for Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at UC Berkeley through an online form embedded in the notice. This is a scam, seeking money and personal details, possibly for purposes such as identity theft. We encourage you to always exercise caution in sharing personal information or sending money.
This website provides accurate information about the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at UC Berkeley. Please contact us if you have further questions: